PolTREG has identified a promising efficacy biomarker that may facilitate monitoring the health of Type-1 diabetes patients treated with T-regulatory cells. This is described in a study, published in the prestigious magazine International Immunopharmacology.

“This peer-reviewed scientific publication adds to our growing excitement about the potential of polyclonal Treg therapies,” Chief Executive Officer Piotr Trzonkowski said in a press release about the publication.

The article, which Prof Trzonkowski co-authored, presented data suggesting that PD-1+ T-cells are a dependable biomarker for efficacy in pediatric early-onset Type-1 diabetes patients, which had received Treg therapy in combination with rituximab.

PolTREG has treated more than 100 patients with cell therapies at its facility over the past 17 years. This has given the company a wealth of data, and unrivalled experience with how Type-1 Diabetes and other autoimmune diseases respond to treatment.

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