Partner of choice in autoimmune disease.

Cooperation opportunities

We are committed to developing lasting relationships across the scientific and business communities that assist us in creating transformative advancements in immunology.

At PolTREG, we use our unique knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment. By addressing issues that matter most to our business and society, we can build resiliency and improve our world. The focus of our responsibility remains: positively impact the quality of life for patients and their families.

We are open to cooperation with:

Commercial and scientific partners

for contracting services in Poltreg in CDMO model (TREGs, CAR-TREGs, CAR-T cells)

Clinical centers interested in providing early access therapies

for patients with newly diagnosed T1D (one of the few disease-modifying therapies available worldwide)

Commercial partners for business partnership

pharma companies & biotech funds

Scientific partners for R&D

Partner with us


One of the world leaders in conducting studies on the use of TREGs in T1D and MS

The most advanced company in TREGs cellular therapies worldwide, with potential breakthrough therapies for recent-onset type 1 diabetes (T1D) and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Promising results regarding the safety and efficacy of TREGs therapy (completed phase I/II clinical trials in recent-onset T1D and phase I in relapsing-remitting MS), ready for the next stage of clinical development.

The company is after EMA Scientific Advice procedure.


Highly innovative market for regenerative medicine – innovative therapies for autoimmune diseases

Innovative therapies that change the management of incurable progressive diseases (disease-modifying therapies).

Broad market of target patients in autoimmune diseases.

Rapid growth of regenerative therapies market – next generations of TREGs under development (TCR-TREGs, antigen-specific-TREGs, CAR-TREGs).


Key Opinion Leaders in the area of TREGs and Type 1 Diabetes

World-renowned team in the area of immunology and diabetes, led by Prof. Piotr Trzonkowski.

Scientific Advisory Board, including Prof. Camillo Ricordi, MD – renowned specialist in T1D (University of Miami).


State-of-the art manufacturing facility

One of the most advanced facilities in Europe for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

2100 sqm of laboratory space and 15 production lines.


We are already treating patients & generating revenue under the hospital exemption program

Our T1D therapy has received the ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product) status from European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Based on that PolTREG already runs an early access program offering TREG therapies to patients with newly diagnosed T1D. Treatment is available at the University Hospital in Gdansk/Poland, and generates revenue for PolTREG.


Potential for partnering with another clinical center treating early-onset T1D patients

We can also provide TREG therapies for patients with newly diagnosed T1D in other clinical centers. Patients diagnosed in such centers can either travel to Gdansk for therapy, or the therapy can be manufactured and delivered to these centers.

Responsibility – Our stated values

Respect for human rights

Responsible business practices along the value chain define our company values and shape the way in which we conduct our business – from our commitment to environmental protection to our endeavors in relation to gender equality and respecting human rights.

Gender equality

We work to achieve gender equality in our business and throughout our supply chain. We promote equal opportunity within our company.

Climate protection

In view of advancing climate change and its devastating consequences for human nutrition and health, one area of focus for reducing our ecological footprint is an ambitious decarbonization strategy. Our targets are in line with best practices in this area.


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