PolTREG has just completed construction of the second phase of one of Europe’s most advanced cell and gene therapy manufacturing facilities, featuring:

– 15 stand-alone production lines

– annual capacity of 750 batches (of two Treg cell treatments each)

– 4000 sq. m of space

“The strategic value of our facility is high for several reasons. Owning a modern and scalable facility will positively impact the commercialization of our technology” – said Prof. Piotr Trzonkowski, CEO of PolTREG S.A. “The site, coupled with our existing and upcoming program of clinical trials, forms a comprehensive suite of assets dedicated to advancing cell therapies for autoimmune diseases. In our state-of-the-art facility, we can manufacture approximately 1,500 products annually. Additionally, we have dedicated space for our antigen-specific, CAR and TCR-engineered Treg programmes, as well as a CDMO. The site also houses R&D labs for work on next-generation ideas, to which we have now added a commercial laboratory” – said Prof. Trzonkowski.