Publication on regulatory T cell therapy by scientists from PolTREG: By Piotr Trzonkowski, Maria Bieniaszewska, Jolanta Juścińska, Anita Dobyszuk, Adam Krzystyniak, Natalia Marek, Jolanty Myśliwska, and Andrzej Hellmann “First-in-man clinical results of the treatment of patients with graft versus host disease with human ex vivo expanded CD4+CD25+CD127-T regulatory cells”. Clin Immunol. 2009 Oct;133(1):22-6 has been recognised by the Foundation for Polish Science as one of the most important 30 research achievements made by Polish scientists in the past 30 years.

All 30 achievements have been described in the book “Sięgając po niezbadane”, which was prepared on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the Foundation for Polish Science. The preliminary presentation of the publication took place on Tuesday, April 12 in Warsaw. The book contains texts on research in the field of, among others, physics, biotechnology, immunology, astrology, chemistry, mathematics, environmental protection, oncology, psychology, demographics, archeology and history. All the described findings were conducted by scientists affiliated by Polish scientific institutions.


LINK to electronic version of the book: Patrycja Dołowy, Karolina Głowacka, Anna Mateja “Sięgając po niezbadane”: