“At PolTREG, we believe that PTG-007 has the potential to prevent type-1 diabetes, freeing patients of the life-long burden of having to take frequent insulin injections, and the serious long-term complications of the disease. The results of this study are an important step in that direction,” said Prof Piotr Trzonkowski, PolTREG Chief Executive Officer.

Here are the main findings, found over a period of up to 12 years during which patients were monitored:

– Patients who received PTG-007 continued to secrete insulin, while untreated patients in the control group did not,

– Safety measures showed no significant difference in the health status of patients who received Treg therapy compared to the control group,
– The duration of disease remission was significantly longer in patients who received PTG-007 compared to the control group.

No other company currently can show similar long-term safety results of Treg therapy in T1D. This is a significant competitive advantage, and paves the way for the launch of a pivotal Phase 2/3 study of PTG-007 – a final step before seeking market authorization.