Thanks to cooperation with AZTherapies, PolTREG will expand the pipeline of projects, accelerate the development of technology and has the chance to be the global leader in the dynamically developing CAR-Treg segment highly valued by the market.

AZT grants PolTREG an exclusive license to commercialize CAR-Treg therapy in therapeutic and prophylactic use throughout the world and licenses to develop, manufacture and use CAR-Treg therapy for clinical trials.

PolTREG plans to initiate a clinical trial of 1/2 CAR-Treg therapy in the first half of 2023 in the treatment of one of neurological autoimmune diseases (e.g. amytrophic lateral sclerosis). The completion of the phase 1/2 trial in the CAR-Treg treatment area is planned for 2025. The potential of the CAR-Treg therapy market in the treatment of ALS is ~ USD 12 billion.

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