The Company’s mission is to spread the TREG method, which targets a wide range of autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes (CT1), multiple sclerosis (MS) and many others, so that it is available to as many patients as possible in Poland and around the world.

The purpose of the Company is to develop and commercialize the TREG method covered by patents in cooperation with the Polish and international scientific, medical and business community, using grant support and repayable instruments, co-funded i.a. by the European Union for the implementation of innovation.

Our Partners in commercialisation of TREG methods include:

  • Medical University of Gdańsk,
  • University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk,
  • National Centre for Research and Development,
  • European Commission,

as well as investment funds – shareholders of the Company:

  • INNOventure ASI,
  • Paan Capital.

Currently, a patented method of proliferation of T-regulatory lymphocytes is used as part of the treatment of type 1 diabetes in children conducted as part of the so-called Hospital Exemption Rule by the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk.



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